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What I do

How I can help you

Translation and localization

I can change the content of your texts from English into Spanish and localize them, adjusting their meaning in a culturally appropriate way. Thus, your audience understand exactly what you mean.

Content Writing

I write relevant content to your website, blog, magazine or social media. This content is meant to speak directly with your particular audience, such as customers, potential customers, investors, employees, or other stakeholders.


This process makes sure your content sounds local by adapting nuances, idioms, speech and phrasing. It is a mix of the concepts of translation and creative writing.

Language Consultancy

By analyzing the language needs of your specific case, I can help you optimise the translation process. Together, we can draft your documents and analyze grammar, spelling, repetitions, style, etc.


My name is
Ariadna Tagliorette

I am a professional translator (EN<>SPA) from Argentina.

I became pro 8 years ago. I am passionate about communication!

I love working with topics such as women health, wellness, feminism and travel. I can help you translate your messages, thoughts and ideas from English into Spanish so they can cross borders and reach millions of people. I feel that it is so powerful to spread a message through a different community, with a different language; and I'm here to help! Let's share your words!

What my clients say

These amazing authors made me part of their great projects.


“I am very happy with Ariadna's translation of my book Period Repair Manual. She was easy to work with and careful to check with me about any aspect of the translation that required clarification. The book has been well received by my Spanish audience and I will not hesitate to engage Ariadna's translation services for my next project!”

Dr. Lara Briden ND Period Repair Manual

“Todo un placer trabajar con Ariadna, ¡muy profesional! Y sin duda que volveré a contarla.”

María Cajo PaleoSOP.com

“Feliz de tener la oportunidad de trabajar con una profesional y amiga como Ariadna en notas para mi web y redes sociales, en las cuales tratamos temáticas del diseño relacionadas a problemáticas actuales de las mujeres. Muy atenta a una correcta redacción y uso del idioma.”

Paula Vazquez pauvazquez.net/blog

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From my Blog

How much does a translation cost?

Many people don’t even know where to begin when they think about translating a document, a website or a book.

  • How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?
  • How much do translators change per hour?
  • How is translation cost calculated?

Today, I’m going to address the elephant in the room and tell you everything you need to know about the cost of a translation.

But before we begin, let me start by sharing some tips that will help you better understand a translator’s work.

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Why I chose women’s health translation

Specialization is a very important part of a translator’s career. I know many colleagues who decide to go for legal translation, marketing translation or agriculture translation. Some others choose medicine, architecture, arts… There are so many choices out there: subtitling, editing, voice-over. The list goes on and on. Some others (like me) make up their minds on the so-called “micro-niches.” This means a subsection of a bigger and more general category. For example, a micro-niche of agriculture would be viticulture or wine-growing.

People often ask me why I decided to specialize in women’s health, a micro-niche of medicine. Let me tell you a story.

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FAQ about translation

After some years of working in the translation industry, I realized that most of my clients have the same doubts when it comes to hiring a professional translator. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen that my colleagues are receiving these same questions from their clients, too. So, time has come for me to write a blog post about the most frequently asked questions about translation.

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